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Paramnesia was born in late 2005. The definition of paramnesia is "a distortion of memory in which fantasy and objective experience are confused." An example being déjà vu. Anyone who knows me will not find it a surprise that the word is actually a reference to Catch 22 by Joseph Heller:

"Déjà vu. The subtle, recurring confusion between illusion and reality that was characteristic of paramnesia fascinated the chaplain, and he knew a number of things about it. He knew, for example, that it was called paramnesia, and he was interested as well in such corollary optical phenomena as jamais vu, never seen, and presque vu, almost seen. There were terrifying, sudden moment when objects, concepts and even people that the chaplain had lived with almost all of his life inexplicably took on an unfamiliar and irregular aspect that he had never seen before and which made them seem totally strange: jamais vu. And there were moments when he almost saw absolute truth in brilliant flashes of clarity that almost came to him: presque vu."

Just as important as the passage from the book in which the word is used, is the character the passage is talking about: Chaplain A.T. Tappman. At the outset of the novel the Chaplain is a good hearted but timid and even naive character. But through the novel gains the strength and confidence to challenge his superiors, stand up for the rights of his peers, and question the absurdity of the situation in which he finds himself. He grows to be much more like the protagonist, Yossarian, except he holds the well being of his collegues a bit closer to his heart.

The chaplain is a good person. He is by no means perfect, and certainly doesn't always make the best decisions - but he tries. He may not know what is best for the troubled souls around him, but he truly cares about them.

Paramnesia fascinates the Chaplain because people fascinate him. The search and understanding of different views, perspectives and the slight hope of the clarity that he never quite achieves all drive him forward. He goes through so many ups and downs yet through it all he decides to keep going. His final quote at the close of the novel really sums it all up:

"Goodbye, Yossarian, and good luck. I'll stay here and persevere, and we'll meet again when the fighting stops."


I really want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has inspired me and supported me throughout my life. That may seem dramatic to some, but to me starting this label is a mark of where i am in my life and therefore also a mark of all the people who have been close to me, for however long or short. Maybe one day I will be able to do them justice by thanking them individually on this site, but at the moment that is far too emotinally taxing of a task. Instead i will opt to thank them in person, as i have always tried to do. It is important to let the people around you know what they mean to you. Acknowledging the good that others have brought to you and remembering not to take them or their contributions for granted does not make you weaker, it only strengthens your relationships with those who care about you.


Steve Ellis did an absolutely fantastic job in designing the paramnesia records logo. You can contact him at cheebie2k@gmail.com.

Benn Roe of Pyramids did all of the artwork for their LP "Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases." He also did all the artwork for In First Person's "Lost Between Hands Held Tight."

Hrishikesh Hirway is responsible for the art for "Night Falls."

Nishat Akhtar is responsible for the art from Off Minor's "Some Blood" with assistance from Kevin Roche and Zia Hiltey.

Charlie Cottone designed this website.

I hope to have many more friends and even strangers contribute art to the releases, the site, and other projects as they come about. I want this experience to be exciting for everyone who feels art is meant to be shared.